Mint Leaf


“At Mint Leaf you will not only enjoy authentic but more importantly we are committed to deliver healthy cuisines”.

Our great tasting food is presented to you as a complete culinary masterpiece. Including traditional and contemporary dishes. our extensive range of Asian Cuisine boasts more unusual delicacies from Nepal and India. Our unique spices and herbs are exclusively sourced from the Himalayan region of Nepal and India.

Mint Leaf


At The Mint Leaf we offer absolutely authentic Indian cuisine that has evolved over centuries. Our chefs strive to combine fresh ingredients with the full range of wonderful herbs and spices, using traditional and time-honoured recipes.

The result is a fanfare of truly great food from this most astounding, panoramic massive area of Nepal & India, where history and legend blazes across the plains, mountains, and fertile valleys like bright flags unfurled before you.



We are proud to present to you Nepalese & Indian cuisine in its truest form.This is cuisine that has been refined over hundreds of years. Using only traditional recipes, tried and tested methods and fresh, natural ingredients.Our remarkable menu showcases traditional dishes from all over the Nepal & India

It’s an experience that has brought people back time and time again to discover dishes never before encountered in Scotland. Only the freshest ingredients sourced from Scotland and spices from Himalayan region of Nepal and India are used to prepare the vast array of dishes.

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